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I was a super crafty kid. From the ages of 6 to 16, I could be found at Michael’s every other weekend (at least!) with hot glue stuck in my hair, wearing paint-smeared overalls. (I wore those overalls until they fell off my body.)  Valentine’s Day was an excellent excuse for all the things I loved – all the glitter, all the paint, all the extra. Plus, I got to make something FOR someone, in celebration of them, to make them happy. That’s something I enjoy to this day.

When Adobe commissioned me to create an AR valentine, I was excited to give people the opportunity to share their love in a remote and delightful way. Reaching out and letting our loved ones know we care is especially important this year, so feel free to send this valentine to your friends, family, and maybe even that cutie you’re (not-so-secretly) crushing on. This AR Valentine is attached to an illustration, also known as an image anchor. I printed it on a valentine’s day card, a framed giclee art print, a t-shirt, and even an AR bracelet.

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  • AR
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Illustration
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I drew everything on my iPad using Procreate. I created the 2D animations in AfterEffects, then exported them as PNG sequences. The 3D elements were created in Blender and exported as GLB files.  After importing all of those assets into AdobeAero, I created the layout, set up the interactivity and set the image anchor to my illustration. It’s really similar to some of my other projects. I’m gradually narrowing in on a good workflow.

Adobe Aero Tutorial

If you'd like to learn more about my process, here is an entire video on the design and development. Happy making!

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